Digitals software

This program product consists of three basic components:

  • Digitals Standard – – the initial program version, which includes basic performance capabilities, namely, creation of digital maps in conventional signs, reading and writing of the In4 format and other formats, relief simulation, calculation of areas and volumes, and printing of state acts, and other graphic documents.
  • Digitals Professional – the additional program, which makes it possible to process raster images as well as store maps in the SQL-server and arrange simultaneous multi-user access to them
  • Delta/Digitals – the software of digital photogrammetry station (DPS), which make it possible to perform photogrammetry processing of findings received after aerial photographic imagery. It is based on the Digitals cartographic kernel that can conduct stereoscopic measurements


  • Geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, and land management are integrated into one program
  • Compatibility and universality
  • The universal software platform with vast set of photos
  • Loading of satellite photos from Google Maps and Virtual Earth
  • Inserting data into the selected map and joining of multitude of rasters
  • The multi-user mode of operation
  • Means of rich-edit control for maps and plans
  • Program expandability
  • Representation of maps in 3D view
  • The semiautomatic vectorizer
  • Localization for Ukraine